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There are 52 different hair types among black women and

women of color! There are 14-37 hair types among caucasians.

There are 7 hair textures among all nationalities.

Mr. Terry’s patented treatment system is safe, effective &

will NOT strip hair and scalp of natural oils.

By using a hair analyzer machine and microscope,

problems can be detected before prescribing treatment.







Mr Terry
Buffer Treatment

Cleans the hair & revitalizes the cortex by removing build up that is deposited by shampoos, relaxers, colors, etc.

Strengthener Treatment

Strengthens the cortex that protects the hair follicles, adds body and allows the hair to become stronger for chemical service.

Strengthening/Moisturizing - Recommended for hair that is thinning and lifeless. Makes hair thicker and fuller.

Steamer Treatment

Increases blood circulation to pores to promote hair growth. 

Eliminates toxins from scalp and hair for better penetration. 

Adds thickening, by adding moisture and strength to hair. 

Adds body to thinning hair.

Stabilizes PH balance.

Moisturizing Treatment

Replaces the protein balance, lost by over exposure to sun, chlorinated water, tap water, harsh chemicals, & misuse of heated styling devices.

Aids in restoring the hair’s natural moisture balance.

Super Pak Treatment

(Contains: Honey, Oil, Coffee, Vitamins) - Aids in repair of hair and scalp from damage and abuse.

Protein Treatment

Recommended for hair that is severely damaged, weak, dry, brittle and breaking.

Magnesium Treatment

Is a trio magnesium compound that adjusts the PH in order to stabilize the PH balance of the hair.

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