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What is the Return Policy?

Customer may return defective products directly to seller within (14) day of invoice date and receive, at Seller's option, credit, replacement or exchange. After fourteen (14) days, products is void.

Customer may return non-defective products directly to Seller within (30) days of invoice date and receive , at Customer's option, credit, replacement or exchange, except that a large order return will incur a restocking charge will reduce the value of any such credit or exchange by a minimum of twenty percent (20%).


What are the 52 Hair Types?



1.) Curly
2.) Wavy
3.) Straight
4.) Coarse
5.) Fine
6.) Kinky
7.) Oval Growth
8.) Straight Growth
9.) Wavy Growth
10.) Curly Wavy
11.) Curly Straight
12.) Curly Fine
13.) Curly Coarse
14.) Curly Kinky
15.) Wavy Straight
16.) Wavy Coarse
17.) Wavy Fine
18.) Wavy Kinky
19.) Wavy Oval Growth
20.) Wavy Straight Growth
21.) Wavy, Wavy Growth
22.) Straight Coarse
23.) Straight Fine
24.) Straight Kinky
25.) Straight Oval Growth
26.) Straight, Straight Growth

27.) Straight Wavy Growth
28.) Straight Curly Wavy
29.) Straight Curly Straight
30.) Straight Curly Coarse
31.)  Straight Curly Fine
32.) Straight Curly Kinky
33.) Coarse Fine
34.) Coarse Kinky
35.) Coarse Oval Growth
36.) Coarse Straight Growth
37.) Coarse Wavy Growth
38.) Coarse Curly Straight
39.) Coarse Curly Coarse
40.) Fine Kinky
41.) Fine Oval Growth
42.) Fine Straight Growth
43.) Fine Wavy Growth
44.) Fine Curly Wavy
45.) Fine Curly Straight
46.) Fine Curly Coarse
47.) Fine Curly Fine
48.) Fine Curly Kinky
49.) Fine Wavy Straight
50.) Fine Wavy Coarse
51.) Fine Wavy Kinky
52.) Fine Wavy Fine

NOTE: There are 14 to 37 Hair Types among White & Others Ethnic Nationalities.


There are Seven (7) Hair Textures Among all Nationalities.

Hair Textures describes the Size or Diameter of a single strand of Hair. Range from Fine to Coarse.
The Seven (7) Hair Textures among All Nationalities are:
1.) Extremely Fine
2.) Fine: soft to the touch, soft curl, limp in body, processes quickly
3.) Medium Fine
4.) Medium: Good Body, Good curl, processes quickly, but processing time may vary with

porosity and elasticity.
5.) Medium - Coarse
6.) Coarse: Hard to the Touch, Thick in appearance, Firm in body usually tight curl. Resistance may vary with porosity and elasticity.
7.) Extremely Coarse.


What Causes Hair Damage & Hair Loss 

Among Black Women and Women of Color?

-Hormonal Shifts, Stress, Lack of Protein, Medications and supplements, Thyroid Gland problems, Diabetes, Birth Control medicine, High Blood Pressure medicine, Weaves ( Glue, too- tight tugging of hair) Braids, and Wigs and Most Important not receiving  the Proper Hair Analysis & Treatment for your Real Hair Types & Textures before any Hair service.


What is the Most Important Treatment to Obtain to Prevent Your Hair From Incurring Hair Damage?

1.) Buffer Treatment - Cleanse the hair and scalp and Revitalize the cortex by removing toxins and build up that are deposited by All Chemicals, Sickness and All medications. BUFFER TREATMENT IS APPLIED BEFORE SHAMPOOING YOUR HAIR.

2.) Shampoo your hair
3.) Use Mr. Terry's hair treatments


Also Important - Hair Goes Through A Growth Cycle: 

1.) Active Growth

2.) Maturation

3.) Rest
At any given time, 20% of your Real Hair is in a resting stage.

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